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 Oriental folk songs arranged by A.P.D on Two Pianos 

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Moon over Ruined Castle 


Ruined castleˆ.mp3

Written in the Meiji period, Rentaro Taki composed this Japanese work originally for a music lesson as a song without instrumental accompaniment in 1901. 

The music was inspired by the ruins of Oka Castle.  In APD’s arrangement, the duo dedicated their concentration on creating the darkness and loneliness of an abandont  sentiment.

The Moon Represents My Heart


10 The moon represents my heart 月亮代表我的.mp3

A love Waltz has become started with a barcarolle in the hands of the APD as they take you through a journey of the beautiful Formosa.  

A popular Taiwanese work that is often used for various venues and occasions.  The work speaks for the weary and tired soul of the day to day life.  Everyone wants to love a little more but is always afraid to.  

 Butterfly Lover Concerto for Two Pianos (Mvt 1) 

02 Butterfly Lover Concerto for Two Pianos.mp3

In its universal appeal we cannot disagree that music, whether Chinese or Western is essentially a kind of communication. However, the context of the moods and emotions described and communicated may sometimes be culturally influenced.  Often known as the Eastern Romeo and Juliet, this work was originally written for violin named "The Butterfly Lovers' Violin Concerto (梁祝小提琴協奏曲).  Here you will here a new approach of the work on a massive large two piano scale with cadenzas and improvisations written exclusively for A.P.D

 Jasmine Flower (Mo-Li-Hua)   


04 Jasmine Flower Mo Li Hua.mp3

 Dated back to the C18th, this work appears internationally from Puccini’s opera Turandot, European Chinese anthem, Hollywood’s movie “The Good Earth”,  Kenny G’s saxphone album to Beijing Olympic, Change over in Hong Kong and Macau to everyone’s radio in most Asia countries.  

The Australian Piano Duo has taken this opportunity to express the purity of this special flower with a twist of Russian folk elements.  It’s now one of the most popular work demanded for the duo.

 Chinese Folk Song Collections

Folk song has the longest history, commissioned and demanded by the Kings, they often have the simplest structure, richest numbers, and widest spreading musical genre among traditional Chinese culture. The poems of Chinese earliest poetry anthology -- The Book of Songs -- appeared 3,000 years ago.  Australian Piano Duo is dedicated to bring those generations of good works to you in the format of two pianos/piano four hands.

08 wild rose 沙漠玫瑰.mp3

07 Silver Cloud chasing Moon 彩雲追月.mp3

06 Salihah.mp3

 Gaverlin Sketches


06 Track 06, Troika, Gavrilin Sketches for Piano.mp3


09 Track 09, March, Gavrilin Sketches for Piano.mp3